8 ways to calm a child on an airplane

The vacation season is coming to an end, which means that many of us will have to go home in the near future. On an airplane, we rarely rejoice in the neighborhood with children, especially if the child sits behind us. He makes noise, pulls the back of our chair, knocks on it with his feet. Familiar? We offer some tips that will help parents during a flight with children and passengers who have become their involuntary victims.

Each of us at least once during the flight turned out to be a neighbor of a restless child. And perhaps he was the same parent who blushes due to the behavior of his child. What to do in such cases? How to calm the offender of calm?

1. Remove your boots from the child

Legs without shoes to kick the chair are much more difficult. In addition, this is not painless for the fingers. So for a passenger sitting ahead, it will definitely be less sensitive.

2. Book a place in front of your child

Instead of sitting next to him, take a place in front of him. Thus, the back of the parent, and not someone else’s passenger will receive blows.

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3. Take your child’s favorite toy beast on the road

A pillow-living or just a plush toy-every child travels with such. Put her in the pocket of the ore, and he will not kick his beloved friend. If the child still does this, say that you will take the toy if he “offends it”.

4. Carry a big printed photo of your grandmother with you

Attach it in the plane on the back of the chair. He will not be able to kick his grandmother!

5. Put your child’s legs on your knees

So it will be more convenient for the child and he will not be physically able to kick the front chair.

6. Offer compensation to the injured passenger

If your child is bothering someone, invite this passenger to buy something to drink. So you can apologize for the inconvenience taken.

7. Take the child with a game

A win -win option – give your child your iPhone and say that if he hit the chair again, you will pick up the phone.

8. If you are the same passenger that the child is kicking, contact him directly

Turn around and tell the child to stop pounding his feet, because it hurts and unpleasant for you. Most likely, this will work, since children, especially up to five years old, often do not listen to their parents and want to check how far they can go, but at the same time immediately react to the remark of a stranger.

It is a pity that on an airplane, the crew commander cannot walk around the cabin and call children to order. They would definitely obey him!